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Recall Coming for the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1

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Asphalt and Rubber is the last month 11月24日年2015 “Stop Sale” Recall Coming for the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 I will not mention about the gear box trouble of 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 in the article says. The Asphalt and Rubber is take this information as a serious content, YAMAHA itself is already grasp the possibility of gearbox damage ” YAMAHA Factory Modification Campaign carried out “(official site PDF · English), in the in despite also to express to say injury or when being touched to the possibility of death at the same time as the Recall also in this document is being used, because not yet been announced official “recall”. ※ The image is an image.


So far, also has touched on several times recall in this blog but, personally recall are welcome. Makers to understand the information about the neatly their products, as a positive attitude to improve the dangerous places, it is because it captures the recall to positive. However, already in spite of already the 17th from the beginning of the article is the course of the Asphalt and Rubber, recall on 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 has not been announced. Whether such a situation of Asphalt and Rubber was also concern, yesterday December 9, 2015 pickled Yamaha YZF-R1 Gearbox Recall Affects All USA Units within article there is such as representation below. Still, we are surprised that a more formal announcement has not emerged from Yamaha Motor USA regarding the matter. Because his is somewhat also equity investment, worrisome articles and information of this Asphalt and Rubber is also from this perspective, Contact the Japan’s Yamaha Motor of Customer Advisory Office (domestic-only window), question and about 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 of gearbox trouble in the Asphalt and Rubber article, the 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 that are sold in Japan I tried to question the okay or whether, in charge of departments was the answer to say that it “can not answer” in things different. But to change the question, whether there is no occurrence of fatal accidents such as a serious accident in 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 of the gear box problem? For question to say that it was that of a “fatal accident is not happening.” Information but know, I was impressed to say the publication can not be still. At all the gear box is damaged, if the there is a possibility of serious trouble that lead to death, I think that news quickly to the user as possible, there is an obligation of improvement. Perhaps in the country of 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 users Maybe already notice etc. arrives, but if ” YAMAHA Factory Modification Campaign “to (official site PDF · English) is Japan specification 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 also it requires an immediate notification if the appropriate vehicle is present. Moreover, even if not true if, and report the situation occurring in the North American specification, for vehicles sold in Japan and has felt the need to tell that no worries widely early as one second. Take the YAMAHA bike, and precisely because they come to cheer much the YAMAHA FACTORY RACING, we sincerely wants a sincere attitude and rapid response against these problems. If postscript 2015 YAMAHA YZF-R1 is reverse imported cars, there is information that there is no obligation to recall in Japan. But it is substantially sold it in the form called reverse imported cars, more than there are users, than would the leave dealer is not, I think that it is something that wants to take firm also manufacturer side some countermeasures. From postscript, Inc. Presto Corporation (YZF-R1 import distributor), to December 14, 2015 Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, because there was a notification of the recall as the following, will be announced. > recall notification list (PDF format: 112KB) > improvement place explanatory diagram (PDF format: 203KB) Thanks Asphalt and Rubber :-) Thanks Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport :-)

Danny MacAskill – Cascadia

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GoPro has since appeared in this world, a great image that could not be it and experience to see so far has been introduced to this even if the You Tube. This work also, the recovery of the way of the splendor of foreshadowing, you can not stay without groan skillfully of the production of up to the last. Prima facie, those of acrophobia is viewing attention.

20151212_GoPro_Danny MacAskill - Cascadia

This video was taken at Gran Canaria in Spain, and then recommend the viewing of a large screen TV in your home, if possible.

You Tube> GoPro: Danny MacAskill – Cascadia

and, contrasting works from the above video unfolds in different from the city nature, this video should also look at all means.

You Tube> Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

together about 14 minutes, but is longer as You Tube Works, has gone some time in the blink of an eye. They will in particular show a movement to go always on the diagonal in the first movie that was introduced, it was very enjoy while nail-biting.By the way every day to the Internet, continues to grow vast amounts of information. Even if at times also be trouble neta, there is also when news is often enough to not be introduced in one day. For example, it is the number of channels of You Tube that he has been registered number is too many, but it is very impossible, such as to check all of the new videos every day. And I was able to introduce this video tonight, actually Casey Stoner players thanks to Tsu~ito of. Stoner playersDougie Lampkin player thanks to me Ritsu~ito the Tsu~ito of, you know Danny MacAskill players, I was able to encounter these works with his great riding. encountered by chance in a limited time, I lead of these net unique, I feel very interesting.Even so, the strong mental power and extraordinary the technique and talent of Danny MacAskill players, and spare no compliment. Thanks GoPro 🙂 Thanks Cut Media 🙂 Thanks Attodougielampkin :-) Thanks @ Official_CS27 :-)


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David Sanchez’s bike builder BOTTPOWER of Spain, has launched a unique kit parts. The base model, I think it is understood people can be seen immediately, but it is that bike.



Rather than a twin spar frame, simple backbone type of titanium frame to (official site in English), has wearing a modern classic cafe racer style (tank is made ​​of carbon). But where even you are a unique and rare models Buell the base model is, I think very interesting. Although it is only a personal impression and preferences Buell X1 series owner for me was, evolution and ease of riding of the XB series was a startle. But, styling only was I prefer the X1. If, if XB series of Buell was the styling, I think that it had purchased definitely. Because the frame is no longer a twin spar, dimension ride Nevertheless not been tampered I would have changed considerably. Even so, it will become I wanted to ride in this form to buy the base machine with attractive styling of models. Thanks BIKE EXIF :-) Thanks BOTTPOWER :-)



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