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Rumor street for some time, is 400㏄ version SIXTY2 of SCRUMBLER, it has been unveiled at the Milan show.


Because there is no large license rather than choose the SCRUMBLER SIXTY2, I think I may be actively select the SIXTY2 even if there is a large license rather. The reason ….. -cheap price (about ¥ 250,000 before and after) compared to 803Cc-high rotation type that became V-twin engine , conventional upright F. fork comma 5L increased fuel tank , 3 kg and vehicle weight was lightly is …… like. It is only a personal reason but it is that it seems the above five points may be compared to the current 800cc version SCRUMBLER. I tried to make a simple comparison table. Since SCRUMBLER SIXTY2 has turned into about half of emissions, torque is reduced 3.4kgf · m, it has become even 34HP less power. Looking at each of the maximum generating speed, and can grasp and that compared to the 800cc version is in high rotation type. He does not choose the 821cc and 1200cc, dare to got the 696ccMONSTER is, L twin DUCATI than large exhaust amount torque type of engine, to it is interesting to turn a small amount of exhaust, it is because they wanted to fun . Yourself as the one body of the physical strength nor wane even reflexes vision as Besides, than the machine on which the motor cycle there is a power than it can handle, and I think those who run to run out of power to cut – treatment is obtained a sense of fulfillment .

Introducing Apple Pencil

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Michelin – We are all racers – Ep2. Michele Pirro vs Misano’s lap times [2015]

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2016 MOTO GUZZI V9 Bobber

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EICMA Son and the celebration of the motor cycle, became the opening November 17, 2015 of the Milan show. New models of each manufacturer has begun to reveal one after another the figure. Also lost or trying to introduce either BMW G310R and earlier this time, it was decided to take up this model 2016 MOTO GUZZI V9 Bobber.


New of MOTO GUZZI is not a 900cc version of a simple V7, is the emergence of be dressed in American-ish atmosphere of Bobath tile. The feel is that are becoming a lot MGX-21 a good cruiser direction of the model, what’s still a thing of Anticipating the North American market. This model when I first saw the is not satisfied with the position of the high headlights, even more regrettable that the beautiful tank shape of the V7 has been lost, I thought it was the European sports model of V9, of course naked for want. But, I was led to think …… do not relaxed cruising also to be in such a model superimposed their own also rapidly age. Still, few assets? From a thing of effective use for MOTO GUZZI the, this model also would expand one V7 Similarly different variations not hard to imagine. V9 Bobber advent of, and is very fun show off in front of the derived model. Here you play you a little bit in image editing software, I tried to lower the headlights and the handle bar.Step position does not play around so troublesome. It is what change is much atmosphere in this alone. Grazie Insella.It :-)

Possibility of a return to MotoGP in Casey Stoner players DUCATI?

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European multiple media Casey Stoner players in DUCATI from next season 2016 season, first tells the possibility of returning as a test rider.


Casey Stoner player 2015 full will turn off the (test rider?) Contract with HONDA. So DUCATI is what you say is sending passionately offer (as a test rider?) To Casey Stoner players. Unknown details at this stage, but it seems to be considered the possibility of a wild card race as Michele Pirro player of 2015. If, it might be 5 strong race is seen or several times a 2016 season rather than the semifinals if this story is realized. After formal announcement that it was expired contract of Stoner players and HONDA, it seems must wait until January 1, 2016. Thanks MCN.Com :-) Thanks Motomatters.Com :-) Thanks Attomotomatters :-) Thanks EL PAIS :-)

Bookings Open For the MV Agusta Brutale 1090 and F3 800 in India

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We’ve been waiting for the MV Agusta to hit Indian shores and it has. For those looking to get their hands on the bikes, well here’s your chance. Kinetic-MV Agusta has commenced bookings for the MV Agusta F3 800 and MV Agusta Brutale 1090 in India, but these bookings are being taken online.


There are only two models that will be on sale initially in India and the Brutale 1090 is priced at 17.99 lakhs and the F3 800 is priced at 25.99 lakhs (ex-showroom, Pune). The Kinetic Group had said that there will be new showrooms called ‘Motoroyale’ that will soon open which will play host to the MV Agusta bikes.

By the time the showrooms open, however, the company is taking online bookings and the booking amount for the Brutale 1090 is 50 percent of its price and the company says that the bike will be delivered within two months.

The MV Agusta Brutale 1090 is a power packed superbike which comes with a 1,078 cc, 4 cylinder engine that has 144bhp on tap and develops 112 Nm of torque. It is a street fighter and is capable of doing speeds of up to 265km/h.

The MV Agusta F3 800 on the other hand is a super sports model and gets its power from the 798 cc three-cylinder engine that develops 148bhp. Safety comes in the form of an 8-stage traction control and ABS. You need all the stopping power you can get, considering it tops out at 269 km/h.

Peugeot Motorcycles To Debut on the Moto3 Grid in 2016

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Peugeot Motorcycles will make its debut on the Moto3 grid in the 2016 season. Two Peugeot MGP3O machines are set to be campaigned by the Saxoprint Racing Team Germany and will see French rider Alexis Masbou and 21-year-old Scot John McPhee riding these machines.


Mahindra acquired a 51 per cent stake in Peugeot Motocycles in 2014 and the Mahindra-Peugeot partnership has seen a lot of success when its MGP3O racer took the Riders’ and Constructors’ titles in the Italian CIV Moto3 championship.

“We are delighted to add a Peugeot Motocycles entry to our Moto3 line-up for 2016 and are looking forward to next season being the biggest and most successful so far for Mahindra Racing,” affirmed Ruzbeh Irani, Mahindra Racing Chairman and Mahindra’s President (Group Communications & Ethics) and Chief Brand Officer.

The Peugeot MGP3O will share its mechanical DNA with the Mahindra Racing bikes on the grid, but Peugeot Motocycles will contest the series as a Constructor. The addition of the two Peugeot racers further underlines the growing presence of Mahindra in international motorcycle racing. The only Indian constructor in MotoGP will continue to run programmes in the CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship and the Italian CIV series.

DUCATI and plans to introduce nine stuff 2016 type new model in Milan Show

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The strongest version MONSTER 1200R of DUCATI MONSTER has been announced at the Frankfurt Motor Cycle Show, which is held in Germany. It is turned on, but it more than it interesting is the Milan show that the new nine ones in 2016 type new model at EICMA to be held Chief Executive Officer Mr. Claudio Domenicali of Ducati Motor Holding is from November 22, 2015 Then, it is that it told.


Well, but it means that new model the emergence of even nine is notice, the integral model of any category, or would you appeared in any emissions. As not the first already MONSTER 1200R, which was announced mistake, the emergence of DIAVEL that scoop photo has been taken can be expected. 1. MONSTER 1200R 2. New Diavel Well, still but I still also appeared in the new model seven is, let’s expand the perhaps the hope that contains ultra-personal and selfish forecast. 3. a former Mike Hailwood replica, the looks are classic ish model is now R nineT specific positioning of the BMW, I was thinking whether not to appear. 4. load on Long touring for a different approach models the Multistrada 5. Multistrada off for Long different approaches touring the load model and assumed to be oppositional positioning in the current MULTISTRADA is BMW R1200GS, it was aware of the more touring R1200RT Touring model built in approach is a former ST specific models speaking in DUCATI. And the other one is like the BMW of GS, might appear as a model that was conscious of more off-road. Once CAGIVA Elephant specific model had been competing in the Paris-Dakar, and to is that even Africa twin HONDA come appeared, people here might be a high probability. Or is from the be two types of off than appeared on. 6. Single-engine sports model 7. single engine off-road model and is rumored to be interesting After some time appeared, but was sold as a racer, it is a single-engine cars that have not been commercially available as after all public roads for the model. If, if to appear (exhaust amount of around 600cc half of 1200?) New single-engine sports model, in the amount of exhaust 450㏄ class, than to appear off-road model is also at the same time ….. , we expect that. 8. scooter appearance of DUCATI brand of scooters, is expected many times, you have been officially denied each time, I tried to write dare. It does say ….. can not think of any other of the other categories model. 9. New Desmosedici GP16 last this, manufacturers were allowed to appear the world’s first MotoGP replica to the public road does not seem to have seen silently appearance of the RC213V-S.Of 1000cc era, I think than to appear again on public roads model of new model MotoGP machine of electronic control packed. Or more, nine of DUCATI2016-nen-gatanyumoderuoyososhitemimashita. You do you expect the emergence of any model. Grazie moto | Blog.It :-) Thanks XRV.Org.Uk :-)