YAMAHA DT-07 Dirt Tracker concept

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Yamaha Motor USA gave me made a splendid concept model as a base FZ-07 (MT-07).


Actually myself, we like large flat tracker. It HONDA FTR250 is fun because that was taught to, but at the same time ON ANY SUNDAY it is also because he is fascinated by one shot for the first time and saw the flat track race. Actually, I wanted to restore the FTR250, and I many times have taken to contact the junior of the current owner, but I have not I get a reply from him that is not riding now. Several times, Harley-Davidson How can flat tracker custom also think of, it was unrealistic story as a man who does not suit to Harley world. That in this machine yellow Kenny replica helmet coordination if is perfect. YAMAHA’s, by all means as this model public road specification, please released in Japan. Thanks Yamaha Motor USA :-) Thanks Asphalt and Rubber :-)

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BMW Laser Light

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And there is an optional setting of the price to say ¥ 850,000, but the laser light system is ready for equipment to BMW i8 from 2016.



…… To be due to autoblog original article BMW laser light, when the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 70km / h, in addition to the LED high beam headlights, the laser light is automatically turned on. Possible to illuminate the illumination range up to 600 m which corresponds to approximately 2 times the LED. The light of the laser diode emits with a phosphor in the head light is converted into white light, and emits white light gentle near the human eye in natural light. In addition, already compared to the high-efficiency LED light technology, BMW laser light is further achieved 30% better energy efficiency. In addition to achieving a significant reduction in power consumption, a laser diode, because of the size of a 1/10 compared to the conventional LED, which contributes to weight reduction. ……That’s right. The following YouTube in the video been described is BMW’s Adaptive Headlights (here LED specification) is an intelligent system oncoming vehicle is not dazzling.

these bright and low power consumption light light, I was picked up and I think the future, I want you to also be equipped and adopted to the motor cycle. Was a also special equipment discharge de headlights if you are, we are quite popular now.This is so even if the LED headlights. In recent years because the motor cycle is performed become quiet in the noise regulations, to raise the visibility to other vehicles by headlights bright, I think that it is good if you can ensure even a little safety. If also than capable of such a system play a role even with a small headlight area, I think that also increase the degree of freedom in terms of design. Thanks BMW UK 🙂 Thanks Autoblog 🙂

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Next generation trend of MotoGP to see to PES2?

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‘re Wearing a clearly aerodynamic parts can be seen and it is the DUCATI and YAMAHA. We wonder whether these aerodynamic parts can be the next generation trend of MotoGP.


It I am soon thought that than us to prove age. So, it continued pneumatic valves and seamless mission, and the traction control and the like, or will the trend become such innovation of the next generation MotoGP machine has been left. ‘re Personally greatly worried about is the hybrid. Aside whether such a thing is technically possible, it is a device that adds an electric motor driving the MotoGP machine. Hybrid MotoGP believes his machine is not a system to directly connected to the engine as the car. It is a two-wheel drive machine by in-wheel motor that mounted in the front wheel hub. By obtained a driving force to the front, I do not know even whether there is merit in the MotoGP machine that runs a paved road surface.If it is off-road bike, it is highly likely to help in such ultra-Madi a condition. Such a thing was it that came up with the electric bike PES2 (copy Iesu-to-) exhibition scheduled for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Yamaha Motor, PED2 (peak E Dee-to-) are both two-wheel drive (the official news site) it is so. From new model that appeared in this show, It is fun mono also for each each person try to imagine the future of MotoGP machine. Thanks Yamaha Motor 🙂


DUCATI SCRUMBLER 400 appearance?

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DUCATI that appears to put the nine ones in 2016 type new model in Milan show , one of them might be SCRUMBLER400.


Myself also tried to anticipate the emergence of various new models, including the public road for Desmosedici GP16, but did not have all the ideas that say SCRUMBLER400. But, it will be this in the rough to a cheaper than SCRUMBLER, Japan domestic licensing system on the new model also easy to put in the hands appeared. Even so, Why it Will be aroused so in a semi-decomposed photos you arranged these parts. We want to wait and look forward to the appearance. ThanksAsphalt and Rubber :-)

Whereabouts of two of M1 to be worried about

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Forward Racing from 2016 withdrawal from the MotoGP class, will compete in the MV AGUSTA WSBK, to the WSS. At the moment Marco Melandri players hired as a test rider has decided only be.


When the Forward Racing is not competing in the 2016 MotoGP class, M1,2 single sheet of year delay that results in current Loris Baz players and Toni Elias Cuts will be vacant. I think that this is two of the M1 would be committed somewhere in the team. Also this case who has become a very mind is what will be obtaining the sheet. Currently the seat of the 2016 MotoGP class that is determined by the (October 21, 2015) are as follows. Are displayed in dark gray KTM FACTORY Participated plan from 2017, Rider 2 people Mika Kallio players and Alex Hofmann players test rider is. At this rate also it becomes that the participation number is reduced to two. 2014 to Aleix Espargaró player who obtained the annual ranking # 7as (official site PDF), M1 Nonetheless year delay, there is also preferential treatment provided in the open class, full of talent and dial care players ride, if Megumarere to the team and the crew firmly support it, and has the potential that can also be to hand the ticket to the state-of-the-art factory machine. Next season 2016 is that common and tire supplier of the ECU is changed to MICHELIN, there may be a greater chance. Two M1 is loaned to a new team, I am praying so that many players even a little can compete to the MotoGP class. Thanks MotoGP.com 🙂

Lightweight super sports concept HONDA CBR250RR

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2015 44th Tokyo Motor Show are a variety of new model information from the approaches companies are being published. In how little by little information is beginning to be leak overseas, this time next 2016 type HONDA CBR250RR? We will introduce the concept model that is expected.


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